Salida Travel Pouch and Premium Leather Cable Organizer

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Cable Organizer

100% Full-Grain Leather


Color: Black
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Exquisite Leather Craftsmanship for Your Vacation Requirements

Artisanal Elegance in Every Little Detail

Enjoy the TORONATA Salida Leather Cable Organiser's superb craftsmanship. This organizer, made by hand from high-quality natural leather, blends elegance and practicality to provide a chic and long-lasting answer to your travel organizing needs.

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Stressing Handmade, High-Quality Leather

Simple On-The-Go Cable Organization

Your ideal travel buddy, the TORONATA Salida, guarantees hassle-free cable organization wherever you go. When traveling, it's the perfect way to keep minor accessories like chargers and cords accessible and organized, thanks to its sensible layout and compact construction.